Advanced Technologies

Offering precision results with your comfort in mind, at Russo Endodontics we use the most advanced technology available coupled with years of experience to accurately diagnose and treat intraoral dental issues. With the highest quality imaging in the field, we can perform targeted treatments that minimize your radiation exposure.

Our office employs are comprehensive range of advanced technologies:

  • Limited Field of View Cone Beam Computed Tomography
  • Surgical Operating Microscopes
  • Intraoral Digital Radiography
  • Electronic Records

Limited Field of View Cone Beam Computed Tomography

Cone-beam computed tomography (CBCT) systems use a cone-shaped X-ray beam that rotates around the patient. The X-ray gathers data to create a three-dimensional (3D) image of the patient’s teeth, mouth, and jaw that shows far more detail than the two-dimensional (2D) images produced by traditional computed tomography (CT.)

Limited field CBCT provides even greater detail and uses much less radiation than a medium and full field of view CBCT units. Using a narrow band of x-rays, limited field CBCT can scan an area as small as 5cm, targeting just a few teeth instead of a patient’s full jaw or entire head and neck.

Endodontics is an entirely image-guided specialty, and until recently, has had to rely on less accurate 2D images. Limited field CBCT’s 3D images provide much more precisely targeted cleaner, and easily interpreted images. These make it much easier to treat and the maxillofacial skeleton’s complex anatomical structure.

Our caring staff takes the utmost care when it comes to your safety. We take all possible steps to reduce radiation exposure and are more than happy to discuss the benefits and risks associated with CBCT.

For more information on the limited field, medium field, and a full field of view CBCT and its uses, the FDA’s website has a detailed informational write-up.

Surgical Operating Microscopes

At Russo Endodontics, we use specialized surgical operating microscopes to provide you with the best endodontic treatment possible. These operating microscopes have increased magnification and bright focus optical lights that allow us to see even the hardest-to-find details.

Without a surgical operating microscope, it’s almost impossible to see some endodontic issues, such as microscopic fractures or root canals that are calcified – which can have a diameter as small as 0.08 mm.

Surgical operating microscopes can magnify up to 40x and have well-focused illumination that lends itself well to endodontics. The accuracy and utility of these operating microscopes make them an excellent tool for improved analysis and better patient outcomes.

Intraoral Digital Radiography

Our office also uses digital sensors that provide a quick view of all radiographs taken via computer screen. Digital imaging dramatically reduces a patient’s radiation levels to just 1/6th of that produced by traditional film-based X-rays. They also make it quicker and easier to securely share your radiographs with other medical and dental offices.

Digital radiography makes seeing small areas between teeth or below any restorations easier than visual inspection or traditional X-ray film. It also requires no chemical processing and generates no hazardous waste. On top of these benefits, our endodontist can manipulate these digital images using various techniques to enhance their diagnostic abilities further.

Every member of our team has undergone special training to take and use intraoral digital radiographs. This training includes education on the proper use of radiation equipment, infection control, periodic safety updates, and access to updated information about new equipment and techniques when available.

Electronic Records

Electronic medical records improve a patient’s quality of care by allowing a larger quantity and higher quality of readily available information. Detailed digital records also allow greater efficiency when assessing and identifying a patient’s allergies, medications, and other important information that may affect treatment.

We store all radiographs digitally on a secured file server. With electronic file transfer, we can send them to a referring dentist or insurance company swiftly and securely. Your medical data is sensitive information, and we take every care in making sure it stays safe and private.

The Most Advanced Technologies in Burke, VA

Using the most advanced technologies in the field, at Russo Endodontics, we are uniquely positioned to provide expert care for all your endodontic needs in Burke. Our skilled team is happy to address any questions or concerns you may have about any equipment, procedures, and treatment.

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